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Aren’t they still more reliant on their core than the general public? Even though a lot of people claim that they’re the public’s pick 

1. Maybe just with Get a Guitar..?

2. But a boy group will never reach such height on digital charts just with their core…

3. Just look at their digital score and you can tell they’re the public’s pick, this isn’t due to the fans’ streaming 

4. It’s because of Get a Guitar.. They’re still rookies, so I don’t think we can tell whether they’re a core group or a public group yet 

5. Get a Guitar was the public puck 

6. It’s true that they’re the public’s pick 

7. They’ve just debuted and people already claim that they’re the public’s pick…? I don’t know yet but one thing for sure, Get a Guitar was a public’s pick 

8. There was no mass streaming, this is the public’s pick..

9. RIIZE doesn’t even have a core..

10. The song is the public’s pick 

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