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Cube is preparing their new boy group NOWADAYS (tentative name) for a debut in the first quarter of next year, according to a source close to the group.

The group has five members and has already returned from filming various contents in the UK in the middle of this month. The group is composed of new members as well as known faces, and they are proceeding with their debut plan smoothly.

Cube’s new boy group is the first in eight years. There hasn’t been a boy group since Pentagon debuted in 2016, so expectations for NOWADAYS are very high. As for rookies, it’s been three years since Lightsum debuted in 2021.

1. It was about time

2. Oh so they finally found a main vocal?

3. Wow seriously, I’ve been waiting for so long

4. The name… are they seriously going with that?…

5. Congrats Cube-yah, treat your artists better

6. They said it’s a tentative name so I think they’ll change it. It will be so hard to search up. It’s too long

7. Which members are the known members??

> They said that Kim Hyunbin from Produce X would be there

8. They are finally coming… I’ve been waiting for too long

9. They have less members than I thought

10. Isn’t 5 members too ambiguous for a boy group?


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