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While NewJeans were doing their best dancing next to her, she was the only one not dancing and it became viral on TikTok so it ended up becoming a memeㅋㅋ

1. What did Jang Wonyong do? She doesn’t work hard at dancing? What are they saying?

2. Sigh…

3. If she dances well in her own dances, that’s all that matters

4. No but when a company makes their idol memorize another idol’s dance, there’s always those who memorize it well and those who don’t. I don’t understand why people are putting her on check because of that…

5. What I don’t understand about Starship is that if they want their idols to do Random Play Dance and cover dances, then they should either make them practice more or just not do them at all

6. But it’s indeed funny so it didn’t become a meme for nothing

7. But it’s really fascinating how she only refuses to dance to NewJeans’ songs. NewJeans’ dances are pretty popular but she still doesn’t know them. It makes me wonder if she just doesn’t care about them? But seeing her dancing to Blackpink’s song, she seems to just want to dance to the dances she likes

8. Humans are seriously so creepy. It’s like they are trying everything they can to kill her

9. Wow so she was slacking off so much that the foreign fans even turned that into a memeㅠㅠ

10. But why is Starship the one getting hate over this…?

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