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Actor Lee Sun Kyun (48), who was criminally charged with violating the Narcotic Substances Control Act (cannabis), was a VIP at a so-called “1% room salon,” a place where only top-level celebrities go.

The ‘G brothel’ in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, where Lee was allegedly injecting drugs, was known by some media as a ‘Tenpro’ brothel, but it is actually a membership-based room salon and is classified as a ‘1%’ establishment, meaning it is difficult for the general public to enter. Famous athletes, celebrities, and high level business executives are said to be among its customers.

Originally, the slang term ‘Tenpro (10%)’ means that the T/C (table charge) taken by the establishment is 10%, but 1% is not ‘T/C’, but rather only those who belong to the top 1% can enter.

In ‘1%’ establishments, including G establishments, the price of alcohol for three to four people is between 8 million and 10 million won, and the T/C taken by female waitresses is reportedly as high as 2 million won. Many of the female servers are reportedly former models, singers, and aspiring celebrities.

Lee Sun Kyun, who was introduced to the G brothel by an acquaintance, became a regular customer as he developed a close friendship with director A (29, female), and eventually committed the crime of injecting cannabis at director A’s Seoul residence.

1. If you wanted to live freely, then don’t get married

2. Seriously dirty….

3. So most of the people who go to that place is for pr*st*t*t**n too?

> It’s not for “pr*st*t*t**n too”, it IS a place for pr*st*t*t**n 

4. …..

5. From adultery to drugs, bye bye

6. I didn’t see him this way…

7. He’s kinda legendary… he wasn’t just caught for doing drugs but… wow….

8. There must be other people aside from Lee Sun Kyun. I hope they all get exposed

> There must be a ton of famous people other than Lee Sun Kyun

9. “Famous athletes and celebrities”

> They make so much money that nothing is worth anything anymore so that’s how they decide to spend it

10. Famous athletes, celebrities, and high level business executives”…………

> ㅋㅋ I wonder who the famous athletes areㅋ

11. Eewwwww seriously, If he’s gonna do this, I don’t know why he got married. I’ve never watched pasta and was gonna watch it now but seems like I’ll just never watch it ^^

12. This information is turning me off even more than the drugs

13. His recent impression has been pretty bad for me….

14. You can’t even trust physiognomy anymore. He didn’t have this kind of image at all

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