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Say it honestly… Seeing people who are fangirling in their 30s will probably keep doing it in their 40s, I wished we’d get rid of them now

1. Huh no why..?? If I could, I’d fangirl all my life

2. No but I don’t care whether people are 30 or 40, I just wish my bias have a lot of fans

3. Who thinks like that? People shouldn’t care of what others think 

4. I don’t care about your age as long as you’re not a brainless fan

5. I’m in my 30s and so many people around me are still fangirling, there are unnies who are older than me who are still fangirling too. We would exchange photocards and they treat me so well ㅠ 

6. Only the people who can’t act their age

7. I find them cool.  We need to be like Japan and be more free with our fangirling culture

8. I can kinda understand people who hate having older fans, but it wouldn’t matter as long as they fix the way they talk 

9. The people who think that these people are problematic isn’t actually because of their age, it’s because these people who put their age as a priority and speak of their opinions as if they were the opinions of fandom representatives, or who speak without considering their bias’ image ㅠㅠ 

10. What are you saying? I’ll be still fangirling in my 60s

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