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(T/N: “Image consumption”/이미지소비 = when an idol appears too often/makes too many comebacks that they don’t look fresh anymore and people are not as excited about their new release because they’ve tried everything already (from styling, concepts, songs, etc).)

She debuted in 2018, IVE comes back a lot, she shoots a lot of CFs and was even the MC for MuBank but every time she comes back, she’s a sensation. But what’s interesting is that it’s not like she had such a mysterious personality, and if she goes on a variety show, she always plays her fair share and seeing how she interacts with the members and fans, she just seems like a babyㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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1. [+105, 150]

But she’s so unskilled for her job and if you look up Jang Wonyoung you’ll find things like her nationality scandal, her lipsync and encore stages so how can she not consume her image?? She became a goddess on Pann so you guys are always saying bullsh*t like it was some logical reality. Are you just trying to play mental gymnastics? There are so many younger female idols now so you can’t call her god-baby anymore. And it’s not like she was excelling at her job either. Every day, she just gets praised for her face. And now, there are pretty kids all over the place so until when are you guys gonna hype up her face?ㅋㅋ I’m so tired of herㅋ the most important thing for a celebrity is her job and she’s unskilled at it and she has nothing else but her face. Your mental gymnastic is such a mess

2. [+66, -28]

For real, weirdly enough, I just can’t get tired of her yet

3. [+59, -15]

Her latest Hapa Kristin photo was so pretty

4. [+48, -15]

Personally, she suits bangs so much

5. [+41, -17]

The fact that she cut her bangs was a work of God. To be honest, I was kinda getting tired of her long hair

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