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We met HybeChairman Bang Sihyuk, who was honored in the Master category this year at the ‘EY Entrepreneur Award’ [..]. The interview, which lasted for nearly two hours in his office, which is not very large due to his personality of not having decorations around him, but appears to be spacious, began with a discussion about his Seoul National University’s congratulatory speech.


Q: K-pop is at its peak now, but a crisis can come at any time, and some say the crisis has already begun.

A: Actually, I often say that we need to remove the ‘K’ from K-pop these days. As for whether continuing like the way we are currently doing things will help the growth of the K-pop industry, I doubt so. K-pop now needs to reach a wider consumer base in a wider market. I think we need to create as many exits and entrances as possible to access universal values ​​globally. If K-pop continues with its current structure, I think growth will definitely be limited.

Q: When did you feel such a crisis was happening?

A: I expected that to happen last year, but now, seeing the noticeable decline in (KPOP) indicators in Southeast Asia, I can instinctively say we have entered a very dangerous space.

Q: Is the girl group audition project being conducted with Universal Music Group a solution to this?

A: As I said at the Kwanhun(?) Club, it is one of various tactics. We need to expand our target to people from various countries and then introduce K-pop through artists other than Korean or Asian origins.


1. …? So why even bother doing KPOP?

2. I only like it because of the “K” though 

3. So just call it pop then.. I’ll just leave KPOP then

4. I only like it because thee’s a “K” though 

5. But what he says is kinda true..

6. What is he blabbing about? Bang Sihyuk needs to cut it down…

7. Sigh he makes no senseㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This is just dumbfounding 

8. If you read his actual interview, you’ll end up agreeing with him, of course from the title, I didn’t understand…

9. Does he not know why we even like idols in the first place…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This also applies to why international fas like them, if not, they will just stan the singers from their own countries

10. I can understand to some extent, that KPOP is indeed in an impass right now, but I still don’t think removing the “K” from it would solve anything 

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