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“I’ve been holding back and holding back, crazy…

Just let it go, I’m seriously going crazy

You are writing a fiction”

The collab of the police + journalists

They have evidence (of GD’s drug use) > they only have testimony but no evidence
They plan to summon him > because they have no evidence, they couldn’t summon him so he had to go directly

20 billion won ex-pat lawyer > turns out to be a rumor

Full body hair removal > not true, he already submitted hairs and nails

She got mad because of the journalists who kept feeding the trolls

1. What’s worse is that a few days ago, the TV + news were even trying to start an attitude controversy surrounding GD for not apologizing

“G-Dragon, not once did he say “sorry””

2. She has all the rights to be mad

3. His family must be having a hard time too. He’s the maknae son after all..

4. Seriously, GD is a saint for not cursing at the journalist and broadcast stations…

5. She’s acting like that because she couldn’t hold it in anymore after 1 week. She’s ridiculous

6. This breaks my heart

7. GD has always talked about it but it’s a relief that he grew up receiving so much love from his family..ㅠ because there are people who can protect him even when he’s getting so much forced hate

8. Seriously, seeing how even the news were hating on him, she must’ve been going crazy

9. How can GD even manage to live in Korea?

10. I think that from his family’s point of view, their hearts must be torn

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