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Karina is like that too and same for Giselle, they all had normal skin tone before but now, their skin color totally changed and they just look like white ceramic…

I’m just curious about how they did it
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1. It’s achievable if you’re very thorough with your sunscreen
2. Wow she really became whiter
3. Wow but she’s so pretty. The hair color suits her like a glove
4. Hul fascinating, she’s seriously white
5. People who are born with white skin usually get their normal skin color back. Even people who play outdoor sports like soccer, if they have naturally white skin, their skin noticeably get lighter after a year or two.
6. I wonder if she did white tanning?
7. For real, even Hyuna…
8. Even with people who do white tanning, they say that they can’t get whiter than their original skin tone!! I think that they were just born with fair skin
9. White tanning does not make you lighter than your natural skin color, it’s just taking off all the sunburn and turning it back to your natural skin color. You could have a little bit of a tan and then your skin tone comes back. If they get tanned and go on a long hiatus, their skin goes back to its initial color
10. Giselle has always been on the whiter end though

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