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Do you believe what you see?

1. No no, no way 

2. It depends who it is 

3. I can believe to a certain degree when it comes to my bias, and I think it does apply to some extent to other celebrities, but I just don’t care about them 

4. No, never

5. Nop, it’s not for nothing that “image making” is a thing 

6. No way… I actually always think that they might be the opposite… ㅠ 

7. I just think that they’re what I see but I don’t necessarily beleive them 

8. Nop, even for my own bias, I know I’m only fangirling on them because I’m delusional 

9. No no, without an exception, there’s nobody I believe 

10. It depends on who. I’m an all-fan (t/n: fan of the entire group) and I believe some members and I don’t believe others ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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