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1. Rhinitis surgery

2. Hul.. So she had surgery for her rhinitis… ㅠㅠ

3. Does your nose shape really change if you have rhinitis surgery? I don’t know ㅜㅜ I have rhinitis too .. 

4. No but it’s not that apparent in real life, it just looks like that in video 

5. Hul me too my nose is bent because of my rhinitis, I want to have surgery 

6. Hul now that you mentioned rhinitis, I always found Han Sohee’s voice so nasally before

7. Once it swells down, I bet she’ll be even prettier than she was before

8. That’s recent??

9. Anyways her nose will come back to normal~~~ I’ve had surgery so I know 

10. Hul she looked way better before..

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