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 I live in LA, and yesterday I went to see Seong-Jin Cho play in LA. While I was looking at goods at a store before going to a concert, a Korean person behind me said, “Wow, why are there so many Koreans here? Gross.” He was talking about how he didn’t like other fellow Koreans also being there. It was ridiculous. Aren’t you Korean too? What is the psychology behind saying things like that in Korean when there are many other Koreans around? How different does he think he is? ㅋㅋ

Not only this, but when you live overseas, there is an atmosphere that Koreans exclude themselves from each others. I think everyone can relate to this to some extent.

People of other races boost about each other and try to not boost about themselves too much, but Koreans don’t have that in them. 

1, I can agree to this. Koreans have this culture where they’re kind of wary of each other, something that other cultures don’t have

2. This is honestly ridiculous

Imagine a popular Korean person performing at a venue, of course lots of Koreans will be there? They’re Koreans themselves and are there too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

3. This doesn’t only apply to them being in the US, it’s true that Koreans exclude each other… If you go to Japanese campuses, Chinese students hang out with each other and they help each other. Meanwhile, although Koreans hang out with each other, they don’t help each other. It’s a relief to just be on your own, because the sense of competitiveness is so high, they get triggered when they see others succeed

4. Wow this is so true, I’m living in the US and I freaking agree to this, when Koreans try to compliment another fellow Korean, it always feels slightly like they’re being in competition with them…

5. I’m not in the US but I live overseas and this is too trueㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. Seriously so many Koreans register to immigrate overseas… But they also don’t want to go to areas where a lot of Koreans are 

7. I’m living in an area with not many Koreans and whenever I go to places where a lot of Koreans gather I rather like the fact that there are so many Koreans there thinking “Wow! Why are there so many Koreans!!” but seems like people can be interpreted as rude, I’ll be careful 

8. I really wonder what’s the rational behind this, I see a lot of comments here agreeing with OP so it looks like it’s somehow a fact

9. Oh me too I live in LA, welcome!

I totally agree with what OP is saying ㅠ Me too I’m a Korean myself, but I’ve been living in LA for such a long time, but now I have developed this bad prejudice against Koreansㅠ

10. I live overseas and I honestly agree

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