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#1 aespa, 1.69 million copies

#2 NewJeans, 1.65 million copies

#3 Blackpink, 1.54 million copies

#4 IVE, 1.46 million copies

They still have 1 day left

1. Wow that’s the level of male idols

2. They’re seriously selling so well 

3. And they only have 2 extra versions additional from last time! I also like the fact that they have an individual cover for each of the album 

4. I didn’t know NewJeans sold that well 

5. They’re selling tremendously well though????!!!!

6. Everyone is selling so well, it’s been some years since girl groups have been selling over millions, they’re seriously selling so well 

7. They’re a girl group and their fandom is that big? 

8. Congrats~!

9. So it’s standard for top girl groups to sell over 1M now hul 

10. Fighting fighting

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