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I don’t see any chemistry 

1. Their vibes are too different when you look at their pictures together 

2. Yang Sejong looks so nervous 

3. The fac that Yang Sejong is so nervous here is cute… 

4. They look fine

5. It does look like they have no chemistry with each other… Yang Sejong might look a bit nervous here, but he looks no different than from his usual self 

6. The moment the casting was revealed, I didn’t feel like they’d suit each other. But I feel like they look like that because of their styling here 

7. Did he gain baby fat in his cheeks or he’s just bloated?

8. Because I think Suzy’s best chemistry was Kim Woobin and Kim Soohyun, I don’t see any chemistry here

9. Why did Yang Sejong’s face change so much?

10. They look good together on video 

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