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There’s so much demand for Sailor Moon’s author’s works, but that’s the best they could do with those goods… This feels like robbery. And the prices are wrong too 

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1. Those cases are oba 

2. Seriously they make me not want to buy them 

3. What is this… You can’t tell me this is the best htey did with the cases

4. The goods shows no sincerity, and the prices ㅋㅋ Who will buy them?

5. I don’t see a single ounce of sincerity in this?

6. Ah….. They really couldn’t use Sailor Moon in any other way than this?

7. Ah… The sincerity…

8. Wow………..

9. Thoses cases are 65,000won….?

10. Wow but that really is insincere

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