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“aespa, surprise remark “SNS private accounts? Everyone has one”

“aespa Karina’s explosive comments “If celebrities did transit love between each other”

“Karina’s comment “There are a lot of KPOP groups who don’t get along and fight”… “Careless VS not an issue” heated debate…”

“aespa Karina “Celebrities saying they have no time are all lying” statement of conviction” 

1. She’s always dissing other people but she’s the one getting exposed 

2. I like her because she’s like that though? And she never tried to deny it for herself. What’s the issue? 

> Her 3rd comment was indeed problematic

3. What’s the point of going back to her words only now though 

4. It’s my first time hearing about her making those statements, she’s the one trying to diss other celebrities, meanwhile she got exposed herself ㅋㅋ…

5. She needs to watch what she says 

6. Celebrities are better off the less they talk 

7. You’re the one who will receive the boomerang 

8. There are things that she said that made me wonder if it was even necessary.. 

9. She was careless, so many of the things she said was unnecessary ㅋㅋㅋ This is why you should watch your mouth 

10. Honestly, the things she said should’ve left unsaid 


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