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[instiz] KIDS, JYP IS 52 Y'O

Imagine dancing at that age and singing live at the same time, that in itself is super impressive
With age, I bet his physical abilities have decreased, and his throat is probably not like the way it was before
But people are mocking him way too much
He also donated 1 billion recently (t/n: he donated 1B won to kids in need of medical care)

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1. JYP has his ups and downs but he’s always been good at live singing, he was bashed so much for his performance at the Blue Dragon award but you guys need to realize that he’s a singer who makes a living for giving people a show
2. I’ve never meant to mock him (I actually think he’s way better than singers who lipsync on recorded songs) but I don’t understand why you’re bringing his donation into this 
3. No but at the end of the day, his real profession is being a singer… If it’s hard for him to sing with age, then maybe he should brush up a bit more before singing… In the end, he just made the audience uncomfortable
4. Self-management is also a skill, I don’t understand why people see this as a criticism 
5. That’s right I feel like people should cut down with the hateㅋㅋ It’s not like he can’t sing 
6. Is it bad if I don’t think anything of it? Whether you’re a singer or an idol, if you make a mistake on stage, you’ll just end up having one episode of dark history and that’s it..? I don’t think much of it
I’d agree with the hate if he was performing on some globally recognized show and he was standing there as the representative of Korea after being invited, but I don’t think much of this… 
7. But it wasn’t a small stage either. There were so many people watching him. If it was an idol who did that, they would’ve gotten so much worse hate than this, he only survived because he’s JYP 
8. But he said it himself that he wasn’t able to deliver what he wanted
9. What does it have to do with age?
10. I can’t think of anything else but cult when I look at JYP 

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