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I always thought that she was a good actress, but this work took me off guard. I don’t know if there’s an issue with the directing, or maybe she just doesn’t match the male lead..

1. The male actor sucks way more than her ….ㅜㅜ nowadays everyone gets to act as long as their faces are good.. 

2. I watched it and honestly she was fine…?

3. The drama itself is so boring 

4. The acting was bad but the drama itself is so cringe 

5. Both both actors aren’t actors people would go for to watch their acting… I really like Yoojung but she always gives me the impression that she’s trying so hard to act

6. Yoojung is good though..?

7. The male lead sucks so bad 

8. Yoojung is fine, the male actor is the issue

9. Both of them being leads are such a mismatch… 

10. Me too I felt like that

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