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I watched Ggondaehee’s ‘Let’s Eat’ and it’s my first time feeling like this (T/N: Ggondaehee is a Korean YouTuber who interviews celebrities)

Only Winter was a bit entertaining but I don’t know if it’s because she’s awkward or because she’s new, but Giselle was so boring……..

I couldn’t adjust to her because she was so different from aespa’s Giselle

I feel like she would’ve been less awkward if the variety show was a bit more casual so it’s a shame

Giselle: It’s just too awkward here

Winter: Even I feel like she’s a bit weird today

Winter: It’s my first time seeing her like this

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1. [+115, -6]

I think that Ggondaehee would match Ningning better… since she’s goofily honest

2. [+56, -1]

I also kinda felt awkward and uncomfortable the whole time watching this? Maybe because their humor code didn’t match and that they had a generational gap

3. [+50, -17]

I understand why the company only pushes KarWin now. NingSelle were pushed a lot in good variety shows during this promotion too but they just couldn’t pull it off

4. [+39, -3]

So I wasn’t the only one feeling that way

5. [+36, -3]

She’s bad at her job and at variety, what is she even good at?

6. [+28, -4]

Even with the two of them, it was boring

7. [+25, -2]

I think that all of aespa should just stick to the mysterious concept

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