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Aside from Kim Chaewon and Huh Yunjin, many evaluated the other members’ live skills as deplorable. 
Even though Sakura has over 10 years of experience, including activities in Japan, her singing ability and Korean pronunciation are awful compared to her years of experience, and many people say that her Korean pronunciation in particular cannot be understood at all unless you read the lyrics.
Hong Eunchae received a lot of criticism for her singing style that seemed to be suppressing her burp and she often tries to avoid performing live during the encore stage, and Kazuha was also criticized several times for her lack of singing ability.
This lack of skill was further highlighted in conjunction with the 독기/Dogki (t/n: hard to translate, similar to high energy/grit) concept, and the Dokgi concept was criticized because they were not showing much “Dogki”
Some are even saying that it is time to throw it away that concept. 
Namuwiki = Wikipedia in Korea
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1. That literally a hate comment 
2. Did they just copy paste from Nate Pann?
3. But that’s the truth…
4. Anyone can go in a edit those, it’s true that they can’t sing live, but the wording was too mean 
5. That part with the “holding back the burp” was … so unnecessary, it was too much..
6. It’s true that her Korean pronunciation is awful 
7. No but what’s up with the kids agreeing with these words?
8. The people who agree with this are all hate commenters
9. The wording for “deplorable” is a bit… But it’s true that they’re disappointing..
10. This is really a hate comment 

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