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Transit love = When someone falls in love with someone else while dating their s/o and then moves on to the next relationship with not much “”downtime””

However, some say that Lee Jaewook was dating a popular actress, A until December of last year. In the industry, suspicions arose that Lee Jaewook had been dating actress A for more than a year, and that the said period was not much different from January, when he met Karina.

Only Lee Jaewook himself knows the truth, but with his new work ‘The Impossible Heir’ premiering on the 28th, the controversy will become quite a blow to the actor. […]

“aespa Karina, “If there’s transit love between celebrities”… A dopamine filled confession”

1. If this is true, hate isn’t even enough for him. I was pitying him because I was seeing Tweets hating him lately, but if this is true, swears aren’t even enough for him 

2. …..???????

3. No but what’s the issue? The first time he saw Karina was in January. Even if this is true, he probably wrapped up his previous relationship and started dating her, I honestly don’t see the problem here. This is freaking frustrating 

4. It’s not like he was dating both at the same time, we’re really having an article about anything now 

5. No but why does the general public needs to know about this…..ㅜ Ugh… 

6. It’s not like he cheated, who cares ㅋㅋㅋ

7. This isn’t confirmed yet, Lee Jaewook is pitiful 

8. There’s nothing confirmed yet, let’s not write articles about it 

9. Seriously nobody thinks much about it, Lee Jaewook is pitiful

10. Ah this is so annoying 


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