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When asked about the criteria for selecting performers, Park said, “Since it’s an award show, we prioritize those who have performed the most prominently during the year,” but it was disappointing to see that BTS’s Jungkook and NewJeans, IVE and StrayKids, who are doing well digitally and physically were left out of the lineup.
When asked about the possibility of their appearance, Park Chan-wook, head of the business unit, said, “We are discussing additional artists. When that part is decided, we will make an official announcement. It’s hard to say right now.”
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1. What is there to still discuss?..
2. Still in discussion? Please say it fast and clear
3. This just looks like media play. I think that none of them will attend
4. Huh? Under discussion? So they are really not going?
5. They are not attending
6. If they are not attending, just say that they are not attending
7. Reminds me of Jamboree. Also, they are not attending
8. You can tell right away that they had a hard time recruiting them
9. MAMA became no fun
10. Seeing this basically confirms that they are not attending 

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