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Red Velvet “disbandment” rumors surface again after leaked blind items + only Seulgi renewed contract with SM

Article[Official] SM, “Red Velvet disbandment rumor is groundless, ‘Happy Ending’ account name change = new album concept”

Source: Sports Chosun

SM Entertainment has released a statement on the growing “disbandment” rumors. 

On the 8th, rumors of Red Velvet’s disbandment re-emerged in online communities. Recently, the profile name of Red Velvet’s public SNS account was changed to ‘Happy Ending‘ and fans expressed concern that the concept change implied the group’s disbandment.

Red Velvet debuted in 2014 and is celebrating its 9th anniversary this year. However, with the exception of Seulgi, there has been no news of contract renewals for Irene, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri. As rumors of Irene’s transfer also emerged, fans’ concerns grew and eventually rumors of a breakup emerged.

SM released their position and stated, “the change in the official account name is just a new album concept. The disbandment rumors are completely unfounded. All the members are working hard to put out a perfect performance ahead of the release of their first full-length album in over 6 years.”

Meanwhile, Red Velvet’s 3rd full length album ‘Chill Kill‘ is scheduled to be released on the 13th. The title track ‘Chill Kill’ is a pop dance song centered around bold bass moves, string melodies, and gorgeous, dreamy synths and bell sounds. The song tells a story of a love story where a world is turned upside down by the sudden appearance of ‘Chill Kill.”

  1. [+72, -0] It’s a concept ~ They used their IG feeds to post teasers during Dumb Dumb era too ~
  2. [+55, -2] No group in SM has been able to touch their concept level so I doubt they’ll do anything to jeopardize that. 
  3. [+42, -5] How could SM abandon a group like this? I think Red Velvet will be the longest running group among 3rd gen idol girl groups because they have a relatively clean image and strong core fandom. 
  4. [+39, -9] What kind of kids are spreading rumors of this being their last album?? Really pathetic.. aren’t you embarrassed  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅌ
  5. [+38, -0] Don’t be ridiculous! Never in a million years
  6. [+20, -0] Yeah no.. 
  7. [+18, -14] They’ve been together for quite a long time already it’s no surprise rumors are coming out about this being their last album.
  8. [+14, -2] SM doesn’t disband groups in such a flashy way.. and why would a company like SM bother to give a regular album to a group they’re about to disband?!
  9. [+8, -0] It seems like every time Red Velvet hints of a comeback rumors like this come out ㅋㅋㅋㅋare they just using this for media play?
  10. [+8, -3] No f*cking way.. if Red Velvet disbands SM won’t be SM
  11. [+6, -8] Even if this isn’t their final album, there’s a high probability this is their last full-length album.
  12. [+5, -1] Ah f*ck.. they’re really using this method to scare fans into going all-in on this albumㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ daebak.. this is how they plan to make them go viralㅉ
  13. [+3, -8] Just looking at Irene’s age, it’s honestly a comedy that she’s still at it promotingㅋㅋ
  14. [+2, -3] Let’s hope this is the last time and we can finally get rid of that gapjil-jin [power trip bully] 가

Additional source: Pann

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