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t/n: what Knets mean by reality = economic conditions, family conditions, logical circumstances, etc. 

1. I can’t choose one or the other… You need both 

2. If I really loved someone #2, if I did it just for #1 with a simple heart, I’d want a divorce

3. #1 What I mean is, of course, if you find someone you love, you will consider marriage, but realistically, if there is a problem, you can’t get married… So, # 1 is not about marrying someone you don’t love, it’s based on your considtion 

4. It’s definitely “reality” if you don’t have money, you’ll fight every day, no matter how much you love them 

5. I’ve been with someone for 17 years and love is the most important 

6. Reality of course

7. If you’re poor, love will fly out the window

8. Reality 

9. If you only live in reality, you won’t be ablet o love. I rather have the 2nd one 

10. Me too, I’ve been dating someone for a long time, but because I live in reality… I still can’t get married to them 

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