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G-Dragon’s “bizarre” behavior with reporters analyzed on Korean news by a former “drug expert” prosecutor

Article: Is G-Dragon’s unique body language due to drugs? An unexpected answer from former prosecutor

Source: Joongang Ilbo

A former drug investigation prosecutor has analyzed claims regarding G-Dragon‘s unique body language.

On the 7th, lawyer Kim Heejun mentioned G-Dragon after his first appearance for police investigations on the 6th, in an interview on YTN. He stated, “It’s impossible to conclude whether a person took drugs or not based solely on those actions. This is because it may be a person’s unique actions or gestures. Drug criminals aren’t known for a specific set of unusual gestures either.”

“Drugs are divided into high-level (philopon) vs low-level (marijuana) etc. If you take low-level drugs, the person will have side effects where they sink or sag vs high-level drugs where the opposite phenomenon will occur. That happens. However, it’s difficult to say any gesture or action is necessarily an abnormal phenomenon unique to a drug criminal.”

Regarding recent search and seizure dismissal by the court for G-Dragon’s communication records due to “lack of evidence of a crime,” Attorney Kim stated, “the dismissal of the communication warrant is every unusual. In most cases, when requested, communication warrants are usually issued. It looks like the warrant was requested to secure call details but the court dismissed it because they lacked justification.”

He further analyzed, “At this level, it’s appears to be a very ambiguous situation in terms of specificity and credibility.” 

Regarding GD’s post on Instagram about a “return to schedules” after concluding his police investigations, he speculated, “The details of the charges are not concrete at this time so from Kwon Ji-yong’s perspective, he seems to be curious about the facts of the charges.”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon voluntarily appeared as a suspect at the Nonhyeon Police Station in Namdong-gu, Incheon on the 6th where the drug crime investigation unit of the Incheon Police Agency is located and was interrogated for about 4 hours. In order to accurately confirm whether GD abused drugs, police plan to request a detailed analysis of the collected urine and hairs to the National Institute of Forensic Science.

  1. [+1,858, -517] I was really surprised by his interview.. whether he injected drugs or not he was arrogant with his 4-way attitude.
  2. [+959, -56] Either way, he really needs to get treatment. There’s no way those acts and behavior by a 36 yr old man on public streets is normal..
  3. [+911, -118] Well, he should start with standing upright and walking like a normal person.. how is he that old and walking around like a paper doll in the wind? As someone who has reached a certain status in society, you should act accordingly to the time and place. Of course people are going to misunderstand sneers and smirks like that at his age. The more confident you are on your innocence, the more humble you should be. But he’s fluttering around with his thug walks.. sneering.. is this a joke?!
  4. [+459, -90] He must’ve spent a lot of money on lawyers if he’s this confident in public.. is he going through withdrawals detoxing from drugs or something?
  5. [+372, -22] Feels like he’s got a tic disorder? That’s the only thing that can explain his bizarre behavior.. he could barely stand still. 
  6. [+158, -1] I don’t know if it’s drugs or not but what’s clear is his physical and mental state is definitely not all there.. 
  7. [+123, -2] He just seemed so anxious.. his speech was slurred.. he also sounded different from his usual state.. and his gestures and facial expressions are so abnormally exaggerated. It’s like he was working hard to appear normal but even he couldn’t control himself. This isn’t the sharp clean cut GD of the past.. the balance is completely off and gone now. 
  8. [+118, -6] Feels very similar to Yoo Ah-in
  9. [+94, -1] It would be more understandable that he was behaving like this because of the drugs but whatever this is.. it’s even scarier he’s like this while sober? He looked completely out of it. 
  10. [+88, -22] Gijanim, please do some research first before writing articles!! GD hired a famous court judge to be his lawyer so of course his warrant got thrown out. If he’s so confident, why isn’t he voluntarily turning in his call records? Why isn’t he coming out like Lee Sung-kyun and saying whether or not he went to that room salon??! It’s because he’s got a former court judge lawyer behind his back. If it’s not written, it’s all useless. He’s 100% a druggie!
  11. [+83, -3] Well it’s even weirder he’s behaving like this without drugs? tsk tsk
  12. [+66, -7] Is this a new drug that can’t be caught? It’s seriously amazing how confident he is.
  13. [+60, -16] If the court dismissed his search and seizure warrant due to ‘lack of evidence’ it means that hundreds of millions of won exchanged hands??! Druggies are people who have money to spend of expensive defense attorneys and bribes.
  14. [+46, -2] There’s something weird about his interview.. doesn’t seem sincere or credible..
  15. [+29, -1] Why are we asking a prosecutor? Shouldn’t we be asking doctors or a drug expert??!

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