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Ssome = advanced stage of flirting/situationship-like relationship 

Ssome: Ha but the more I think about it, the more I believe that if you work out and start losing weight, you’ll become so popular that you won’t have time to hang out with me anymore

OP: Impossible!!

Ssome: I’m uneasy thinking about you reaching that state and hurting me in the end 

OP: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don’t think I’d do that?! Why are you worried about that? Don’t you know how much oppa is charming?

Ssome: I didn’t lie to you when I told you you were pretty, but me too, I’m human and it’s true that I don’t like people when they gain too much weight 

But I can tell, if you lost weight, you wouldn’t have cheeks fat

OP: Honestly, I don’t like handsome men and I find it burdensome ㅠ Oppa is being burdensome too… I looked the same even when I lost weight though 

Ssome: I like your personality, the way you talk, I like everything, it’s just that I saw something I wanted so I started liking you 

(replying to OP’s text above) …? I feel like you’re mistaking me, I’m not handsome 

OP: So if oppa liked me, what do you want from me?

Ssome: I look at the body a lot 

OP: Aahh…

Ssome: Since I’m someone who works out, me too I hated my body so I’m checking my body fat % every day. I’m only focused on building my body. I realized I was way more picky than I thought. But I like everything about you. Aside from that one thing. 

– I do think that people’s greed is problematic, if I really become like that I’ll leave you. I just wanted to be honest with you, so I’m telling you this. You’re pretty from your eyes, your nose, your mouth, you don’t lack anything. Anyways, that’s what I think. Sorry, I was hesitant but I’m telling you now. I feel like I hurt you, so now I’m even more conscious 

OP: Me too, I hate my body right now, so telling someone else to like it is well ㅎㅎ Oppa is allowed to judge it

Ssome: I was kinda debating yesterday. But if I were to make you work out… I feel like I’m trying to fix you and I hate that. But it’s true that it’s a good thing, it’s just hard to do… ㅎㅎ I feel like I’m gaslighting a kind kid 


My ssome keeps telling me that when he sees me, he finds me so pretty while saying that if I lost weight, I would “out-class” him and he’s worried about it, but this is what he told me today. After I screenshot this, he continued saying things like it’s impossible to meet someone who is 100% my ideal type, and that he’s not telling me to work out and this is simply my choice, but I just can’t understand what his intentions are. Is he saying that he doesn’t want to date me because of my weight and that if I wanted to date him, I’d need to lose weight? I don’t know what he means

1. What is he saying… It feels like he doesn’t even know what he wants ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. Yup, OP-yah, just lose your weight and go date someone else

3. It does feel like he wants you to lose weight to date him 

4. Please break ties with him, he sounds like a fool

5. HE’s making such a huge fuss just to make you lose weight~ Why would you date him ㅋㅋ

6. What the.. He sounds like a jjinda 

7. Ah but the way he talks is such a turn off… 

8. He’s calling you fat and wants you to lose weight 

9. Don’t date him ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Someone who truly likes you will still like you even if you gain weight, they wouldn’t be this rude

10. Do you think it’s gonna end just with you losing weight? He’ll find something else to get from you 

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