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Jun Soyeonㅇㅇ ah seems like they will go with a rap line

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1. [+16, -2]
I thought that was Karina in the pic
2. [+12, -4]
Seems like it’s really Jang Wonyoung / Jarina / Jun Soyeon
3. [+11, -15]
I’m begging you, please don’t put Karina in this ㅜ she just can’t dance. I have no idea what people are looking at to call her a “good dancer”..ㅋㅋ Winter, Ningning and Giselle would be best. Winter dances cleanly and Ningning is the best dancer. And if they want a good singer, they should go with Winter
4. [+8, -2]
I guess it would’ve been good also if Jun Soyeon participated in the planning
5. [+7, -3]
But why are people expecting Jang Wonyoung to participate in this?? There’s no reason for her to take part no?? Her schedule is packed and why would someone like Jang Wonyoung be part of a collab?

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