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[instiz] PREDICTIONS FOR THE 2023 MMA (~10/14)

TOP 10

Artist of the Year

Best Album

Best Song

Best Male Solo 

Best Female Solo

Best Boy Group

Best Girl Group

Rookie Award

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1. Dream… please, let’s attend
> They are not awarded if they don’t attend?
>> They will. Dream didn’t attend and have been winning the TOP 10 awards for 2-3 years
2. Wow will the results change a lot after all the October comebacks? Or are these results almost confirmed?
3. Who’s U-Rim in that Rookie category?
4. Is MMA putting a lot of weight on the judges votes?
> 20% votes and 20% judges
5. Wow NewJeans is daebak
6. Jungkook’s digital single is freaking amazing
7. But why is there an asterisk next to Seventeen and BSS?
> Because it’s possible that the results are added together
8. How many awards is NewJeans gonna win? Daebak
9. I wonder if FIFTY FIFTY is gonna go?
10. I hope that NewJeans attends and performs Ditto…

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