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Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

“Barbie,” not even Margot Robbie, is one of six finalists.

For the rest,

Taylor Swift touring stadiums

Hollywood strikers

Russian dictator Putin

UK King Charles

The Prosecutor who indicted Trump

I think it’s either between Barbie or Taylor Swift

1. It made 0 impact in our country though

> Obviously…

2. I wanted to watch Barbie but it was taken down so soon that I couldn’tㅜㅜ

3. I also think it’s between Taylor Swift and Barbie

4. Barbie really blew up bigger than you think. There are so many memes of it too… the Korean results are a shame thoughㅜ

5. Everywhere but our countryㅋㅋ I found it fun when I watched it on the release day but most of the theaters took it down after a week so… I’m sad… ^^

6. Was it that big?… I thought that the movie wasn’t that well-made though…

7. I found it a bit childish… I really like American movies but this was so-so

8. This really hit daebak everywhere but in Korea. So I’m kinda disappointed. I hope that young kids would watch it

9. It’s hard for a movie like this to hit big in Korea where feminists get so much hate ㅜㅜ so it’s a shame. It was only shown briefly in theaters too

10. I want to rewatch Barbie… I liked it so much when I watched it on the release day

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