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Hybe – 213,000 won 

JYP – 91,700 won

SM – 82,500 won

YG – 48,000 won

Hybe 8.8719 trillion

JYP 3.257 trillion (-5.6149 trillion compared to Hybe)

SM 1.966 trillion won (compared to JYP -1.291 trillion won)

YG KRW 896.6 billion (compared to SM – KRW 1.0694 trillion)

1. .Oh JYP is quite high

2. JYP👏🏻 

3. SM is lower than I thought…?

4. So what happened to the people saying SM is #2?

> Probably looking at the sales? But in reality, you need to look at the market value

5. It’s because SM rigs their stocks that they’ve been falling 

6. SM aside, what happened to YG…

7. As expected, you need to enter the global market

8. SM has the most artists in their company but they’re only 3rd

9. It’s true that JYP is #2, people were refuting it 

10. I just saw JYP claim he was #2 and people saying that was mediaplay, it was dunmfounding ㅋㅋㅋ Is it still considered mediaplay if he’s just saying the truth? ㅋㅋㅋ

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