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In addition to the voices of the fandom, the industry also raised the possibility of Seunghan leaving the group. Accordingly, SM announced that it is considering several options.

On this day, SM told 10Asia, “We are carefully looking at the issue from the perspective of the artist and entertainment companies while we must listen to the fandom’s voice. Internally, we will listen to various opinions and make a careful choice.” However, regarding the speculation surrounding Seunghan, they said “We will respond strongly to the rumors.” 

1. Please judge well 

2. But looking at it like that, there’s also a possibility that his weak mentality will make him drop out from the group by himself

3. I just don’t think that what he did merit a withdrawal 

4. Please withdraw

5. Where are the “speculations” though? All of these were pictures that showed the truth?

6. Please withdraw

7. For the group, leave

8. Withdraw and go solo

9. As an idol, he wasted his image way too much right off the bat. He has good skills so he can still go solo 

10. Stop tarnishing the group’s image and screw off

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