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For a single album, and a ⭐️single member⭐️, there are 150 undisclosed photocards

And those are all lucky draws from one member in one album 

However, although they sold 920K albums in their total sales on Circle, they were still unable to sell all those cards

Meanwhile, they’re mediaplaying with the fact that they’re million sellers

This company is just crazy over shareholders

If they thought about the fans and the singers, they’ll know that if they want to grow a rookie, there’s no reasons to do something like that if not for shareholders

And this is also ruining other singers’ promotions who are overlapping with them 

1. Wow this is insane 

2. No but they’re literally just seeing fans as money machines

3. Why do I feel like NMIXX is a group that’s been around for a while already? I just realized they debuted only last year, this is going to ruin their image..


4. Is this true…? This is appalling, it looks unbelievable 

5. It’s indeed too much, and the way they’re mediaplaying is literally a scam no?

6. Seriously they’re seeing fans as money-givers

7. At this rate, I’d be so tired of fangirling like that, I’ll quit the fandom

8. Wow… There’s literally no reason for undisclosed photocards if you’re going to do things like this, there are way too many 

9. This isn’t only the issue, their fansigns are also getting bad

10. The fans and the singers must be having a hard time..

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