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She’s similar in age with me but she was performing solo on such a big stage. I’m just so jealous of her life uuuaaaaaahhhh. Every time Eunchae posts on her Insta or when I see a fancam of hers, I just get a reality check.

I also have to work hard and lead the godly life

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1. [+49, -4]

I think that the fact that OP wants to work hard and gets motivated by successful people is pretty healthy. I think that OP will be successful

2. [+28, -3]

Your mentality is healthy so you can live a godly life too

3. [+27, -9]

She’s really pretty but she’s even tall…

4. [+22, -10]

I get that luck is on her side too but she also worked just as hard… If you look at Le Sserafim’s documentary, I don’t think I would’ve been able to do it even if you forced me to

5. [+18, -1]

Your conclusion was too cute. Don’t be jealous of Hong Eunchae. If she dates at your age, people will be grabbing her by the hair, she can’t dress up comfortably at the airport, and can’t dig her nose. Let’s just succeed


She really fits that pink top…

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1. [+9, -3]

I found her pretty

2. [+7, 0]

She was freaking pretty

3. [+7, -2]

She was really a Barbie doll

4. [+6, -1]

She totally killed it and I found her good. Also, she appeared in such clear quality on screen and I was shocked at how pretty she looked. She usually has that cute and round vibe so I didn’t realize but her proportions and face made her look like a goddess on stage. The performance was no joke and she was just that god-baby idol

5. [+5, -2]

She was f*cking pretty. Seems like a few trolls are here alreadyㅋ

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