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Park Jiho

Running a store and doing distribution-related business

Moon Yael

She’s running a jewelry and fashion brand

Go Durim 

She’s learning various dances and streaming online 

Park Jaehyun 

I’m not sure what he’s currently doing

Jung Hyunjoo

Running an online shop

Lee Hakyung

She’s working hard at an office

Jang Hyun

She’s preparing to become a Youtuber

Baek Jae-ah

She’s preparing to become an actress

Park Hyungjun 

He’s the CMO of the brand VBRT and is also running a lounge bar

Han Joonhee

Trying to find his dream

Kim Seulmi 

Preparing to become an actress

Kwang Minjoon

Running a cafe

Lee Namsoo

After studying abroad, he’s now a beauty and daily Youtuber 

1. Everyone is living a hardworking life, and then there’s a guy trying to find his dream, so funnyㅋㅋㅋ

2. It feels like this post was posted yesterday but it’s already 4 years oldㅋㅋ

3. Everyone was so pretty and cool 

4. But finding your own dream is coolㅋㅋㅋ!!!

5. No but Park Jiho is insna e

6. Everyone is such a beauty~!

7. As expected from Park Jiho…

8. We want a 2024 version too~!!

9. Moon Yael is so pretty 

10. They were so pretty and handsome and there are people who are even prettier now too 

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