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COOL Lee Jaehoon 

Shinhwa Shin Hyesung

TVXQ Hero Jaejoong

BTS Jungkook

That’s what appears when I search on Google

Of course there might be more

1. Jaejoong was the main vocal?? Huh?

2. Lee Jaehoon was daebak 

3. They’re all popular for being the visuals in their groups and they’re also main vocals who are all rounders

4. I thought we’d see Jung Daehyun … 

5. Kim Jaejoon was the main vocal? I thought it was Xia Junsu.. Hul 

But I’m happy these are all people I know 

6. I agree with Kim Jaejoong.. 

7. Kim Jaejoong.. He was both the center and the main vocal.. He had crazy skills.. He’s born to be an idol..


8. Everyone is an all rounder too 

9. I agree with Kim Jaejoon 

10. Jung Daehyun…. 

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