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According to SBS 8 News on the afternoon of the 3rd, the National Institute of Scientific Investigation tested Lee’s hair and came up with a ‘negative’ result. This means that he did not take any drugs.

“We took 100 strands of Lee’s hair, about 10 centimeters long, and tested them, and they were negative in all sections,” an official from the NIS said, adding, “It means that he did not use drugs at least 8 to 10 months ago.”

However, it is still possible that Lee Sun Kyun took drugs before 10 months ago, when he claimed to have received blackmail threats from A (29, female), the manager of a Gangnam entertainment center.

“It doesn’t mean that he didn’t smoke cannabis,” the official said, adding, “There may be things that interfere with the investigation, such as bleach.”

Lee has been consistent in his silence regarding the drug allegations.

1. Huh? But aside from the hair tests, don’t they also have recordings from his phone?

2. Huh? I read an article saying he was taking drugs for this year though. If he hasn’t done it for 10 months, doesn’t this mean that he wasn’t taking any drugs this year at all….?

3. If he hasn’t taken any drugs for 10 months, it either means that it was a one-off instance or that he stopped

4. Well, I guess he tried it once and quit because he was blackmailed

5. The fact that he went to an adult entertainment is already a mistake. And he’s a dad too….

6. Hul… how did things unfold like this?

7. Did he just do drugs once? But first of all, it was true that he went to a brothel

8. ?????????????

9. It feels like a psychological test because he’s an actor, and there’s no way to tell if it’s an act or not.

10. Whether he did drugs or not, he went to a brothel + went to that manager’s house…

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