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Screen: Entry banned 

“Only cultured/sophisticated and elegant women may enter”

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“Banned entry for ajummas”…. “No-Jumma zone” Incheon Health Center (gym) Declared

1. Regardless of age, if you love freebies,

2. If you receive criticism everywhere you go but only you don’t know why,

3. When using public transportation, if you sit in the priority seat for pregnant women,

4. If you go to a coffee shop, order one coffee, and ask for an extra cup,

5. If you secretly throw food waste in public restrooms or toilets,

6. If you find your own money precious but don’t value others’ money,

7. If you lack memory and judgment and keep repeating yourself,

8. When you fall down and no one helps except for the Lord.

“Method for distinguishing between a middle-aged woman and a girl”

1. Wow we even have this now?

2. I don’t go to no-kids zones, but I bet nobody would go to places lke this 

3. So what does this person think a woman is?

4. What’s up with #8?

5. It feels like something you’d read in 2000 

6. Disgusting 

7. Seriously it sounds like someone who visits communities too much 

8. “No-jumma zone” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. Can’t then just say “men only”

10. The #7 and #8 just sound sad


1. Why are they like that 

2. That’s how they differentiate an ajumma from a woman?

3. ㅋ …

4. Look at how hateful they are with the specific choice of words here

5. Just use it among men ㅋㅋ I wouldn’t even go myself 

6. Ever since the no kids zone became a thing, I predicted these things will be a natural outcome. We’ve entered the hatred generation 

7. They’re insane 

8. Can’t they just use it among men…?

9. #7 and #8 are quite funny, all humans age 

10. Sigh f*ck why is our society progressing like that?

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