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I know that common sense doesn’t mean the same thing for me as for others, so I try to approach this with an open mind, but in my standards, someone who doesn’t know that tofu is made out of soy beans is just shocking

1. Doesn’t that mean that they’ve only gotten as far as elementary school? I’m not gonna generalize it to all idols, but if someone told me something like that, I’d be turned off 

2. Wow… That’s so ignorant, what’s up with kids shielding him?

3. Maybe it’s just because he doesn’t have any interest in cooking? Maybe it’s because his parents don’t let hm close to the kitchen. It’s like my oppa, his parents don’t let him cook so he doesn’t even know how to cook ramen 

4. Even kids who attend daycare know this fact… And you can easily learn this from books too..

5. It’s my first time seeing someone who didn’t know this..

6. I honestly can’t understand idols who make “ignorance” their carming point 

7. ㅠ Me too I found out how ignorant my bias was and left the fandom ㅋㅋㅋㅋ… I can relate to this..

8. I don’t know who he is, but even my dongsaeng in elementary school knows that..

9. Aren’t people shielding this a bit much..? I don’t get it 

10. I was wondering how bad it could be…It’s bad

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