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“SM entertainment who act kind towards the hate comments! 

Severely punish persistent malicious posts about aespa’s Karina without leniency.”

“SM Entertainment One Production, announce and implement realistic and specific artist protection measures for your artists”

“SM Entertainment One Production, do not aid/allow anymore the continuous and reckless malicious comments towards aespa Karina”

“SM 3.0 symbol of innovation – kwangya 119 more than 75,000 false reports filed/0 public announcement kwangya 119 is just an exhibition of mimicry innovation”

“SM Entertainment should quickly file a complaint against the cumulative reporting posts reported by Karina’s fans on Wilderness 119 and notify them of the progress.”

“Among the 4th generation girl group agencies, SM Entertainment is the only one that has released 0  notice!

One Production who is letting the hate commenters away! Go reflect and close down”

1. For real SM should release a notice about it the hate commenters.. I was still reporting people yesterday, are they really doing their job?

2. Give us the lawsuit notice…

3. But it’s true that they’re the only company for the 4th gen girl groups that released nothing regarding their lawsuit. This was well-written..Seriously the company needs to take their lawsuits more seriously

4. Seriously they deserved that truck 

5. What they said is true

6. Please protect your own artists, companies

7. Please let us know about every group’s lawsuit notice SM-ah 

8. What they said is true, you need to be as loud and noisy as possible when filing a lawsuit towards haters, please

9. I agree with them 

10. Seriously the content they put in that truck was all good, they seriously did so well, it’s my first time seeing something like that

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