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Both reached their career highs

1. I thought TXT would be able to hit 3M since it’s a full album 

> It’s because their Chinese orders really decreased, so considering that, they’re doing good

>> Why did it decrease? I thought they were popular in China 

>>> I’m not sure either, but that’s what I’ve heard, that it’s because a lot of loans are getting blocked

2. Wow they’re not that different from each other ㅋㅋ

3. Congrats on your career high 

4. IVE rose so much? People were saying that their first week sales decreased, but they’re hitting daebak 

5. How did IVE sell over 100K over the weekend…?

6. Congrats on both career high 

7. Even without China they’re selling well 

8. Wow IVE has 52% Korean sales?

9. TXT and IVE are likable 

10. I’m happy to see both reach their targets!


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