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This guy’s career is on a decline

He MCed for the most buzz-worthy show right now

Meanwhile, he’s MCing for a program with content that he personally enjoys, dance

And he looks so excited himself oon it

He even got to MC for Street Dance Girl Fighter

I f*cking wonder who his career can be on the decline yet he’s still able to get all these gigs

Seriously whenever I see him, I’m not crying, laughing or whatever, I’m just jealous of him 

1. I agree with the post

2. There’s nothing beneficial in onlyh getting hatebut…I’ve never seen any “good news” about him

3. I just don’t have any thoughts about him 

4. Is Kang Daniel’s career on a decline?

5. I can understand what OP is trying to say, but his fans must not feel good about this 

6. You seem to have inferiority complex towards him 

7. I agree

8. You kinda sound like a fan who left the fandom pretending to be an ex-girlfriend 

9. I can understand what you’re saying but the fans will not feel good about it 

10. But his core fandom is no joke. Just look at the way they’re voting for him. Rather than a career on decline, it’s more like he’s being consistent

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