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GD embroiled in rumors of hiring former Court Judge for 2 billion won “seniority” fee + states he’ll “voluntarily” appear for “drug” investigations

ArticleG-Dragon on ‘drug charge’: “A Constitutional Court judge lawyer? large seniority fee? not true… ultra-strong legal action” [Comprehensive]

Source: E Daily

Big Bang G-Dragon is embroiled in rumors of hiring a former court judge.

On the 30th, G-Dragon’s legal representative Kim Soo-hyun, lawyer at K-One Chamber Law Firm stated in an official statement, “There is no fact that he took drugs. This morning, we appointed a lawyer and sent him to the drug crime investigation unit of the Incheon Police Agency’s metropolitan investigation unit along with the senior officer. We submitted a letter of intent to appear voluntarily.”

“Through the letter of intent and counsel’s advice, he [G-Dragon] strongly expressed his intention to appear voluntarily and actively cooperate with investigations. In order to quickly resolve the injustice, we will arbitrarily release all materials necessary to quickly uncover the substantive truth through speedy investigations. We submitted it to the police and told them that he would actively participate in hair and urine tests. We are currently coordinating the schedule for voluntary attendance.”

In addition, G-Dragon’s side plans to respond strongly to various suspicions and rumors surrounding his charge, including the payment of a large amount of seniority fee. Earlier, various unconfirmed rumors emerged claiming that G-Dragon hired a former court judge for 2 billion won. 

Attorney Kim stated, “Recently, speculative false reports and YouTube videos claiming appointment of a lawyer who was a former Constitutional Court judge and payment of large amount of fees have been coming out indiscriminately. We will strongly respond with damage suits.”

Police stated, “We are conducting rapid investigations using a variety of methods, including obtaining statements from those involved, cell phone forensics, and search and seizure. Other than G-Dragon and Lee Sung-kyun, no other celebrities have been brought forth for investigations on the drug case. The timing of Lee Sung-kyun’s re-summons has not been decided yet.”

  1. [+463, -5] He’s claiming he didn’t do drugs and yet he’s spending 2 billion won on attorney fees?
  2. [+178, -44] If it ain’t drugs, explain the slurred speech and strange manic behavior..
  3. [+135, -57] Looks like it’s a newer drug that won’t come up in drug tests.. 
  4. [+131, -9] If you didn’t inject drugs why the need to spend 2 billion won to form a defense team?!
  5. [+109, -1] Hiring an expensive lawyer because you’re afraid to lose your livelihood right?
  6. [+53, -9] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ why not just hire a public defender then and sue for defamation .. a super high luxury lawyer?! Is this a joke? He’s enjoying this, trying to cover the sky with his palms..ㅋㅋ
  7. [+51, -0] Looks like they’re not going to find any evidence
  8. [+48, -27] If you didn’t do it, why build a top tier defense team to this level? 
  9. [+44, -6] Looks like the Brazilian wax, hair bleach, and re-dyes are complete
  10. [+37, -4] Hmm.. I didn’t do it but hiring a 2 billion won court judge lawyer???! It’s all making sense now.. 
  11. [+32, -17] He’s worse than Yoo Ah-in. 
  12. [+11, -2] Wow, he’s quite confident.. ㅋㅋㅋ. The doctor that gave him drugs and room salon madam got caught but I guess he’s going to say he didn’t know.. it was all for treatment purposes right?
  13. [+10, -2] He didn’t do it but 2 billion won.. ㅋㅋ
  14. [+9, -0] Another Park Yoo-chun.. he denied it so strongly like this and look what happened.. 

Additional source: Sports DongA, Maeil Business, Seoul Economic Daily, DongA Ilbo

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