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Why does it feel like she’s purposefully dressing up like that?

She shouldn’t do this if she felt like she’d get even more harassed 

But it seems like she only hit big because of her body… 

1. Isn’t it because you’re jealous of her body…?

2. It’s a crime to have a good body 

3. That’s just a common outfit… For real, you want her to only wear boxy tshirts? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. Her body is different that’s why… Her outfit is on the more conservative side

5. Isn’t this such a common female idol outfit?

6. She’s covering everything though… There are way more female idols who show even more than this 

7. It’s true that her body is good, but it’s because there are way too many bast*rds who cross the line that this is so so 

8. Her outfit is freaking normal though 

9. If you diregard her body, isn’t this just an average outfit?

10. This is literally the most basic outfit ever?

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