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“Wake One, release your notice of lawsuit against the hateful posts”

“Is Zerobaseone only about one person Sung Hanbin?”

“Are Myung Jaehyun, Lee Sohee, and the mouse plushie Zerobaseone’s members?”

original post: here

1. The akgaes are insane

2. Those crazy b*tches are too rich 

3. Looks like they’re attention seekers, why would you mention another singer?

4. From mentioning a specific member to mentioning other idols, they have to be insane

5. Ah they ruined my mood straight from the morning, why would you mention other idols?

6. They crossed the line here, they’re the hate commenters sending those trucks

7. Wow but the fact that you’re allowed to send a truck just because they’re rich is so problematic 

8. What mouse plushie are they talking about? 

> That specific member received a hamster plushie and that member always carries that in his bag when he goes around. He even releases selcas with the plushie a lot, it’s so cute so it created a buzz. The other members also likes his plushie and released photos with it. It’s a super popular plushie among the fandom. They wrote that to bash the plushie, so they’re bashing the member

9. Wow the akgaes are crazy 

10. Why would you mention other singers?

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