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Is GD’s use of a “high profile” law firm and “2 billion won” fee for a former Court Judge lawyer proof he abused drugs?

ArticleGD who said he didn’t do drugs paid 2 billion won fee?… “Former Constitutional Court judge”

Source: E Daily

Rumors are continuing to pour out over G-Dragon‘s rumored 2 billion won fee for a lawyer.

YouTuber Lee Jin-ho recently claimed in a broadcast, “I was surprised to see G-Dragon’s law firm. He appointed a law firm involved in presidential impeachment case with a former judge of the Constitutional Court as lead attorney. He’s preparing thoroughly over this situation. They’re saying that he paid a lot for a lawyer. As for law firms, for famous celebrity cases, the fee is generally 1 billion won but when there are special situations or too much legal disadvantage, they receive much more. If they need the entire building, you can pay a lot. It could be between 1-2 billion won.”

Lawyer Yang Ji-min told YTN‘s ‘News Wide‘ on the 19th, “There is a possibility that there is some very meaningful evidence that led the investigative agency to have him booked. Although he’s denying it, I think they’re probably thinking about what strategy to go for.”

“For example, assuming he administered drugs, he may think he can get out of it even if he’s forced to undergo investigations because he knows it happened in the past. There’s also a possibility that he’ll claim that he unknowingly administered or took drugs. Another possibility is he might argue that he was legally prescribed the drug through the hospital therefore not illegal.”

  1. [+984, -15] 2 billion is price of gum for him ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ. Is our country really a place you need to spend 2 billion to prove you’re not guilty????. How much does he have to hide????.
  2. [+697, -130] Ji-yong ah, there’s not need to hire former Supreme Court judges from Moon Jae-in regime. I’ll introduce you to one of the best lawyers in Korea, a talented human rights lawyer who defended his mentally and “physically weak” cousin, a former gangster who brutally stabbed his ex-gf’s mother 8 times with a sashimi knife. He was strong enough to endure a 20 day fast even though he has “diabetes.” If you don’t like the ruling, you can tear it up and hire the best lawyer, Lee Jae-myung. The “not guilty” verdict is totally possible then. 
  3. [+279, -3] Celebrities and chaebols really need to get hit with strong punishments over drugs. Our country is becoming a den for druggies. Even Samcheok kids knows large law firms and former officials are ruining the judiciary and our country. Anyone that injects drugs needs to be strongly punished to the full extent of the law and thrown in prison long enough to get clean. If the law is weak, people will just take advantage of it to abuse drugs. I hope judges will show a strong will this time to create a new Republic of Korea. 
  4. [+148, -4] What a pity..
  5. [+131, -8] Not even a chaebol chairman but a celebrity druggie and the fee is 2 billion won.. this isn’t even close to what hackers charge these days.
  6. [+76, -0] A 2 billion won fee lawyer means you’re winning the case. If you hire a cheap lawyer, you’re guaranteed to lose the case. The law is applied based on how much money you have.
  7. [+50, -0] ‘Guilty’ if you’re a poor and ‘Not Guilty’ if you’re rich. Is this really the law??!
  8. [+44, -0] If he’s spending 2 billion won in legal fees alone he’s basically saying, “I did drugs..”
  9. [+36, -0] Not even a conglomerate chaebol but he’s paying 2 billion won for a lawyer?? Whether 2 billion won is the price of gum for him or not, is there a need to hire a high profile lawyer if you’re confident? He really trying to cover the sky with his palms…
  10. [+22, -0] He didn’t do drugs but he’s spending 2 billion won to defend himself?? Yes, that totally sounds like a non-druggie alright..  
  11. [+13, -0] Spending 2 billion won in defense costs is a clear declaration and confession he did drugs!! Criminals belong in jail!!
  12. [+9, -0] ㅋㅋ 2 billion won (Judge): Thank you kindly. Verdict: G-Dragon, Not Guilty

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