Is the member who usually has the highest fancam views the most popular member??

1. But members of popular groups will have different fancam views depending on their outfits and hairstyles on that day

2. Idols who have high fancam views doesn’t mean they are popular members, but the popular members always have high fancam views

3. If that’s true, then the foreign members will be the most popular members

4. The dance members usually have high fancam views

5. If they dance well, they’ll get high fancam views

6. I think it depends on the concept. I care about idols’ outfits, makeup, and hairstyles every time they make a comeback

7. It’s not the most popular member but it’s the Muggle’s pick

8. Idols’ fancam views on Youtube depend on foreign fans.. If they have high fancam views, it means they’re so popular overseas

9. If they have high fancam views, they are dance members or popular members

10. If they’re good on stage, they’ll get a lot of views

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