IU’s mother buys seat cushions for her fans at her concert ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: IU’s mother bought chair cushions out of her own money in case fans felt cold at her daughter’s concert

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+109] Like mother, like daughter 👍

2. [+73] Amazing mother 👍

3. [+55] That’s amazing of the mother. I remember the story of how whenever IU got in trouble when she was younger, her mother would make her read as punishment.

4. [+22] Genes of a different class… 

5. [+8] I was very thankful for the cushions but my butt felt like it was going to break after a few hours… 😂😂

6. [+1] Such an amazing mother

7. Children are the mirrors of their parents. How heartwarming to hear ^^

8. There’s a reason IU is so successful 

9. Both mother and daughter have such kind hearts

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