IVE Gaeul should have debuted with black hair

She’s still pretty, but the hair color doesn’t suit Gaeul’s face; Seriously, she looks so pretty with her wavy black hair, but why does Starship keep trying to dye her hair??

Kim Gaeul’s past photo that I like

original post: pann

1. [+60, -0] No, but I happened to watch IVE Gaeul’s videos on Youtube, her eyes look lifeless. It’s like she’s looking lifelessly into space?? I don’t understand what the reason is

2. [+55, -1] Like (G)I-DLE Miyeon and STAYC Sumin, if she gets the styling that’s perfect for her, she’ll get a lot of fans

3. [+38, -1] But I think it was a pretty hairstyle for her debut.. Her face wins everything

4. [+18, -0] I think Liz would look prettier if she had black hair, but she’s still pretty now

5. [+16, -0] They just debuted so they should do something to differentiate the members

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