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Jeon Do-yeon to star in “The Price of Confession” instead of Song Hye-kyo and Han So-hee

Actress Jeon Do-yeon will return to the small screen

According to exclusive reporting by Star News on Dec 20th, it was confirmed that Jeon Do-yeon was cast in the new drama “The Price of Confession”.

“The Price of Confession” is a work that revolves around the bloody chronicle of two women surrounding a murder case. Initially, the news of Song Hye-kyo and Han So-hee’s casting garnered heated attention from global fans. However, after prolonged discussions, Song Hye-kyo and Han So-hee eventually withdrew from “The Price of Confession”, and director Shim Na-yeon, who had received an offer to direct, also decided not to join the project.

Jeon Do-yeon

Amidst the rumors of production discontinuation, the director seat for “The Price of Confession” went to director Lee Jung-hyo, and the role of the female lead was given to Jeon Do-yeon.

Jeon Do-yeon, who concluded tvN’s drama “Crash Course in Romance” in March, is gearing up for the release of the movie “Revolver”.

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