Jeon Jungkook already sold out, he proves his global popularity once again

Jeon Jungkook already sold out…… The moment they opened the sales it sold out….

This was expected, but he’s seriously daebak

He sold out globally and in the US

[+485, -59]

1. [+318, -28] He’s so handsome. It’s obvious that he would sell out in 1 minute in the US

2. [+298, -26] When you look at him, he’s so f*cking handsome that only swears come out

3. [+283, -25] He sold out in 5 minutes globally, his face is crazy. He’s so handsome

4. [+147, -3] Seriously, he has the face that’ll make you proud wherever you put him

5. [+137, -3] His profile is a statue

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